Xmas Tango DJ's

Jack Rombauts (Belgium)

Organiser of Encuentro Boca Antwerp, Sélys Milonguero and Milonga Milonguera Kwartier in Antwerp. In the 25 years of Tango dancer, he evolved to the Milonguero style. He is DJ for more than 15 years, playing tandas at milongas, festivals and encuentros in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. He always chooses danceable energetic feel-good music from the Golden Age Orchestras and always in function of the dancers on the pista.

Don Esteban y Charlotte (Germany)

Don Esteban and Charlotte are passionate Tango dancers and DJs de casa in La Yumba in the barrio of Sankt Pauli Hamburg.

Don Esteban, tanguero for over 20 years, dedicated to Tango and DJ since 2007, plays regularly on festivals, marathons and encuentros. His passion are the major classic orchestras from the mid 1920s to the late 1950s, in carefully selected tandas with playful, melodic, romantic, dramatic, rhythmic and cheerful character. With sensitivity for symbioses of music and tanguera/os, his tandas lead through the epochs of Tango.

With lots of time spent in Buenos Aires since almost 20 years and dancing around the globe, Charlotte´s heart beats for traditional Tango. As DJ and real Porteña from Hamburg she plays her colourful and dynamic selection mainly from the Epoca de oro on local Milongas, Marathons and Encuentros, with view on the dance floor creating a sparkling atmosphere.

For the extra portion of energy, they also enjoy playing together as DJ Duo since 2017 to just rock the house and make the dancers dance!

Milena Lanza (Italy)

She met tango about 23 years ago, directly in Buenos Aires where she went regularly for many years, studying with the most qualified teachers and attended specific seminars for musicalizador with Osvaldo Natucci and Damian Boggio. She lives in Bari (Italy) where since 2005 she has been involved in disseminating traditional tango both through teaching and with the organization of ordinary milongas and tango events, as well as with musical proposals inspired by the milongas portenas. Great admirer of the traditional style, she mostly proposes the music of the “golden age” without neglecting themes from the thirties and fifties, in a mix full of rhythm and harmony.

Christian Beyreuther (Germany)

His passion for tango has allowed him to witness the development of tango up close for many years. He organises milongas and encuentros and travels to national and international events as a Tango DJ and dancer. He gained his DJ experience in Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland and France at various Encuentros, Marathons and Milongas, and looks forward to more exciting encounters. His musical style is 100% traditional. Tango is life and life is evolution!

Erich Kaliwoda (Austria)

DJ, dancer and organiser. A passionate dancer, he started playing at local milongas. He was the resident DJ and one of the organisers of the Encuentro “Milongueando con Amigos” in Meggenhofen (Austria).
Since then, he has continuously gained experience at tango events in Austria and abroad. He chooses music from the 30s to the 50s. one of his favourite orchestras is D’Arienzio. Erich’s style is energetic on the one hand and romantic on the other.
His motto in the ballroom: “Occupy the dance floor!”

Bénédicte “Bomboncito” (Belgium)

She is now travelling for 10 years in all events around Europe. With Jens-Ingo Brodesser, she organize  since 8 years the international tango event ‘la Cita de los Amigos’ in Belgium.
As a DJ, she first loves to research the true energy of every song, to articulate them into a tanda that will tell you a story.
When she plays her selection, she likes to lead you on a travel through your personal life experience, tanda after tanda, like day after day, emotion after emotion…
Tango is … joy, desparation, nostalgia, love, hapiness, anger, hope, sadeness, solitude, fun… Let’s dance !